Blambot Brush Licenses

Non-profit/Indie Comics Use

• Some brushes on have a $0.00 price for limited use. Anyone can use these brushes for non-profit use in print, or flattened into web graphics. Any other use (webfont, embedding, etc.) requires a license fee.
• If you are an independent/small press comic creator, you may use Blambot indie brushes, free of charge, in print, or flattened into web graphics, for your comic book project - even if you are making money with your project - even if you use the brushes printed on merchandise in support of your comic. This is Blambot's way of supporting the independent comic community. If your comic book project is being published by a mainstream publisher, (including, but not limited to: Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, IDW, Dark Horse Comics, Vault, Aftershock, 2000AD, Dynamite, etc.) then a commercial license is required. NOTE: This free usage clause does not apply to any other "indie" use or industry other than comic book creation. (ie. indie game development, indie RPGs, etc.)

Basic Desktop License

• Defined as using the brush commercially in print, in a logo, in static images online, or on television/film. This is a non-exclusive, perpetual license, priced in tiers per the number of seats you require. Seats are defined as the number of users within your company that will have access to the brushes. Read the full Basic Desktop End User License Agreement for Brushes.

Embedding License

• Defined as including the brush software in third party software or an apps. You warrant that at no time can the brushes be accessible by an end user for their own use outside your app, and cannot be extrapolated. This is a perpetual, non-exclusive license, and also includes the rights of the Basic Desktop license. Read the full Embedding End User License Agreement for Brushes.


If you have any questions, please email before purchasing.

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