Comic Book Lettering Templates V.1

Comic Book Lettering Templates V.1icon

These Adobe Illustrator lettering templates have been designed by industry veteran, Nate Piekos to meet the needs of a professional letterer, and include a single page and double page spread version in Adobe Illustrator CC and CS5 formats!

Single Page
Double Page Spread

In the Layers window of Adobe Illustrator you'll find all the layers you need for dialogue, sound effects, artwork, and a Bounding layer set up for the exact bleed, trim, and safe areas used by modern American comics publishers...

Layers Menu

As a bonus feature, this template contains a Lettering Guides layer that you can toggle on and off to check the point size and leading of your dialogue fonts! It approximates the pencil lines that would have been drawn with an Ames guide on original hand drawn art--if those lines were reduced to print size...

Lettering Guide

You must have Adobe Illustrator CS5, CS6, or CC, and a basic understanding of Illustrator to use these files. This lettering template contains no balloons/caption boxes. Live fonts are not included. You may purchase or download fonts from the Fonts menu of Blambot. Blambot provides no individualized training in the use of this lettering template.

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